Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey Time

For some reason, Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday.  I absolutely love teaching about it! I especially love introducing the story to the littles who are just learning it for the first time.  Around Thanksgiving, my classroom is filled with turkey activities.  This is a new one I tried the other day.

First, I drew a turkey on chart paper and wrote the numbers 1-6 all over him.  

 I had the littles roll these giant dice from Lakeshore and determine what number had come up.  (Great for subitizing!) 
Then they had to use a Do-A-Dot to stamp out that number on the turkey.  

This was a whole group activity, but you could easily use it as a center or independent work station. 

Another turkey favorite is these coffee filter turkeys.

My 3 year students loved this process! 
My Supplies:
1. Coffee filters (we used large ones)
2. Watercolor markers
3. Spray bottle with water
4. Die Cut shapes
5. Wiggly eyes
6. Small triangle for beak

The littles color on the coffee filter with markers, and then spray the filter with the spray bottle. (trying not to douse it, of course!) The next day, they can add the turkey shaped paper with a glue stick, and then make a face with the eyes and beak. You can also add feet, a wattle, or wings, but I wanted to keep it simple for my little ones.   

They make great decorations!

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