Sunday, November 3, 2013

Spiders and Skittles Freebies!

While I don't really like spiders in real life, I do love teaching about them. I feel like I learn something new every year. This time around, I wanted my preschoolers to learn the parts of a spider. Learning the words is easy enough, but I wanted them to be able to show me what they knew. Thus, I created this Parts of a Spider assessment tool. 

Click on the picture to download your copy. 

 After Halloween, I had some extra Skittles that needed a purpose in life. What better purpose than a math lesson? I don't think this graph has enough spaces for all the Skittles in a regular bag, but I guess that means you'll have to eat some along the way! Before giving this to the kids, have them make predictions about the number of each color in their bag. Have them smell, touch, and describe the Skittles. 
Click on the picture to download. 
I didn't realize when I made this that it would be such a great 1:1 assessment tool for my group. Some of them really struggled with putting only one Skittle in each box. 
After all the Skittles are laid out, then the counting begins. I purposely did not put numbers on this graph so that my students would have to touch and count. 

I hope you can use these in your classroom!